Enjoy my view is a set of interventions and experiments in urban objects that offer an opportunity for new views and new experiences in the city.

design intervention, experimentation, urban environments, sidewalks, parks, street furniture, urban computing, designing experiences.

Description of the Project
The project reflects on the current urban computing environment through a process of researching and designing three interventions, experiments:a bench that invites you to sit down and enjoy the view; manholes covers that try to make you aware of the city; a bus stop with a periscope that let you peep in to see if the bus is coming or just explore another view of your surroundings.

Each experiment aims to add an extra functionality to an existing urban object, objects that are part of the urban environment. Each intervention presents a different scenario, a specific problem and context. I put myself into the point of view of this objects and give them personality, to to talk about how cities and our experience is changed by technology. Everyday interactions with this objects could be modified in novel ways to invite the public to new views and experiences in the city.
I'm interested in exploring the role of design as interrogative when considered as a research proposal and implementation; as a social actor, motivating behavior change in the context of public spaces in urban environments . When technology is developing as rapidly as it is now, reflection and criticism are particular important. At the same time, this experiences and interventions in public spaces, in New York City, intent to create spaces for play, fun and contemplation, encouraging interactions and smiles as we go into our daily routines. People use the street to get from one place to another and the street it is an invaluable place for immediate interaction. This experiments and inter-ventions hope to cause people to react and make people think about the space they are in, the city.