attach persicope

   SUNDAY 20th / FROM 2PM to 4PM
   BROADWAY 721, NY 10003

The bus stop has a very playful personality. She likes to be surrounded by people and to entertain them. She wants to be friends with them. She becomes sad when the bus arrives and people leave. Because of that she has a love-hate relationship with the bus. By one hand the bus is the only true friend she has, but she is jealous of him because he takes her "news friends" away. The bus stop is basically a child. She knows that this is the way things should happen but sometimes she forgets about it and want things done at her will.
When people are around her she likes to play with them. To make them less anxious she let them peep at her periscope to allow them to see from her point of view. LIke a child she let them use the periscope as a "trap" to play with people and make friends. The bus stop is tall and she can see the city from a different perspective. She enjoys to share that.

Lack of implementation of real time information system in NYC bus stops. With the current possibilities and advances in technology and networks systems, how is it possible that in New York City, citizens and passengers don't have access to real time information systems in bus stops?

A periscope that is attached to a bus stop. It aims to entertain and reduce the stress of commuters, avoiding the wait/walk dilemma. It transforms the bus stop into a playground by providing a fun diversion while waiting for the bus. At the same time it works as a critical object: by being present, it also aims to initiate a conversation between the commuters about the problem and the lack of the real-time information.