She lives mostly in parks. She likes to be surrounded by nature and loves when people sit down on her and enjoy her view of the city. Some people come to relax or to talk with friends. Others com to read a book or the newspaper. She really enjoys to give them that opportunity. Others come during lunch to enjoy their meals and enjoy being outside. Sometimes she would like to taste their
food but she is pretty happy with her meals: lots of greens, light and nature.
Most of the people just stay for a while, others just pass by and don’t even notice her. They are so used to their routines that they don't stop to say hello. She wants to know them. She wants to invite them to enjoy her view.

Nowadays, people are too busy, occupied and stressed with their works. The fast pace of the contemporary city imposes upon us a stressed life style. The schedules of the everyday routine transforms us into “machines” and the city itself does not invite us to stop for a while and break that routine.
City parks are the perfect place to rest and stop for a while, at the same time that allows us to be closer to nature. For some people those are only transitional spaces, where they walk through when going from point A to point B, from lunch to work, as an example.

To create an intervention in park benches that invite people who walk through parks to sit on its benches and enjoy the view for a moment. The intervention aims at arousing curiosity towards the view, consequently motivating people to sit down and offering moments of contemplation and reflection.

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